Served with free pilau rice or plain naan Please note that all of our dishes are freshly prepared to order

This is a traditional dish, not for the faint hearted. Made with garlic, ginger & plenty of chillies
A rich but medium flavoured dish, prepared with fresh tomatoes, onions, capsicums & coriander
Chicken Chassnie Spicy
Sweet and sour creamy dish cooked with tender fillets of chicken breast, prepared with mango chutney, a hint of lemon and fresh cream.
Sweet & sour cooked with lentils, fresh lemon & cream, garnished with a pineapple ring
Prepared with large onions, capsicums, fresh tomatoes & medium spices
Homestyle Curry Spicy
Highly flavoured consisting of bullet chillies, mixed peppers & aromatic spices, real apna style!
Jaipuri Spicy
Another well-loved Indian dish prepared with a blend of peppers, mushrooms & onions with coriander. Simmered in ginger & garlic to a very desirable strength, served in a truly rich taste
Jalfrezi Spicy
An exquisite indulgence of herbs, spices, ginger, garlic & a firm favourite of all our staff
A flavour from the south of India. Mango, yoghurt, coconut and spices combine to produce a sweet and tangy curry.
Sweet & Fruity
Cooked in a kashmiri masala and blended with mint sauce, yoghurt and coriander.
A masala speciality. This is our mildest curry cooked with coconut & cream
Madras Very SpicyVery Spicy
A rich & hot curry with a hint of coriander. Classic Indian curry. A true favourite
Cooked with fresh fruit in a creamy sauce.
Methi Spicy
Classic dish prepared with a handful of fenugreek seeds & aromatic spices
Saag Spicy
Fresh spinach cooked with garlic, fresh chillies & aromatic spices
Pathia Spicy
A hot & spicy sauce prepared with fresh mushrooms. Garnished with fried capsicum, onion & tomatoes
A very hot plain curry.
Punjabi Very SpicyVery Spicy
This dish is a favourite amongst Punjabis. It is created using fresh green chillies, homemade spices & yoghurt to achieve its full flavour
Razala Extremely SpicyExtremely SpicyExtremely Spicy
Cooked with onions, tomatoes, green peppers and green chillies, cooked in a special way.
Rogan Josh Spicy
Traditionally cooked with herbs, spices & ginger in a rich gravy sauce, an aromatic delight topped with garlic
Vindaloo Spicy
Traditional dish cooked on a slow heat with a medium flavour
Sauce Only